Buffalo Recycling Lags Behind National Average

A media frenzy bore down upon Mayor Brown and City Hall with WGRZ, WBFO, and Artvoice all reporting on research compiled by an Investigative Post analysis reporting on the fact that Buffalo’s recycling rate (12% - 16%) is still well below the national average (34%). According to Brown, the recycling rate in Buffalo was as low as 5% last year before the larger green bins were delivered to city residents.

The investigative report accuses the city of cronyism, not spending money set aside to advertise the recycling program, and failing city school recycling programs. While it’s clear our public servants have their work cut out for them especially in creating a commercial recycling program, everybody can help raise Buffalo’s recycling average by ensuring you take full advantage of your newly sized bin. If you live in an apartment or multiple housing unit, encourage the owners to come up with a recycling program for everyone in the building. The result will be a more efficient, cleaner, and cheaper city to live in.