Niagara Street Gateway

Niagara Street is one of the three core streets integral to Buffalo’s radial street design along with Genesee Street and Delaware Avenue. The three streets meet up at the recently repaved traffic circle at Niagara Square giving the city center a new look. Now Delaware Avenue is getting repaved from the downtown out. Next year will be Niagara Street’s turn; which is the anchor street to Buffalo’s struggling West Side.

Niagara St. also runs parallel to the Niagara Thruway making Niagara St. one of the first streets visitors are exposed to when entering downtown Buffalo. The $4.6 million Niagara St. Gateway project will give those entering the city a fresh look at Buffalo’s sustainable Green Code design including a bike lane and more greenery. Once complete the project will connect the recently repaved city center with Porter Avenue, also recently revamped. The upgrading of Niagara St. is happening just in time when the West Side is seeing a resurgence in local business.

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